DWM Fri 4/17/15

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Fri 4/17/15:

10min Row @ EN1

10min AMRAP @ EN3 (160-170 BPM)
10 Burpees
10 Box Jumps @ 24″ (step-down)
10 TTB
10cals AD (watch HR monitor for cals here)
I felt pretty good here, I was happy I could just keep it rolling and go unbroken throughout here. The AD was definitely the hardest part.
Video below.

5min Row @ EN1

10min AMRAP @ EN3
10 KB Swings @ 2p
10 Wallball
30 DU
10cals AD
This one was much harder, after the WBs & DUs I was well over 170 BPM when I got back on the AD each round. I had to ride pretty slow to get back into the 160-170 range.
Video is below.

10min Row @ EN1

Heart rate details
41715 HR

A. Split Jerk – 10 singles @ 245-265#; rest 2min
I was really fast this day, which was encouraging. My right shoulder has been bugging me lately, not painful, just feels kinda tight. I’ve been working on it, but I could feel the tightness here, the bar just felt forward during a bunch of the catches, but I was able to get the bar to settle. Video below.
B. Banded Strict HSPU – 10 sets of 3 UB reps NOT for time (rest long enough that each set maintains speed)
As I mentioned, the bands we have are way too tight to do this. After a handful of attempts and going upside down and having Anthony try to stretch the band onto my feet I decided it wasn’t going to work and I just went for 4″ deficit strict HSPUs instead. Didn’t have much trouble until the late sets. Video is below.

C. Wtd. Strict CTB Pull-up x5 + Bar Muscle-up x3 – 4 sets of the complex; rest as needed (hold DB b/t feet for CTB, drop it for BMU)
I actually really liked this even though when I looked at it I was a little nervous. I did set 1 @ 10 lbs, set 2 @ 18 lbs, then sets 3 & 4 at 15 lbs. The strict weighted C2Bs were the hard part, I went down to 15 from 18 because I almost didn’t make the final strict C2B pull-up. Videos are below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

D. Strict Muscle-up x1 + Ring Dip x5 + Rings Support hold x AMSAP – 4 sets fo the complex; rest as needed
These were amazingly difficult, especially after the previous complex. The Ring supports were SUPER DIFFICULT! I made it work though. I didn’t miss any reps and my times in seconds were 14-14-11-8. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

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