DWM Tues 7/29/14

Tues 7/29/14:
Slept about 8.5 hours last night, which was good. Felt a little sore this morning in the shoulders, traps and legs from yesterday, but nothing major. I’ll start logging my food tomorrow.

I 10
C 10
E 10

I was very focused today and was determined to destroy my old 2k row PR after a lackluster performance yesterday.

Row – 2000m for time
This went well. I put the damper on about a 4.5, which I think was a good move because it allowed me to pull hard at the beginning, delayed fatigue and let me keep the ball rolling all the way through the finish. This one hurt pretty bad, but like I said above, I was on a mission today. I’ve extremely happy with this result and although I don’t really want to row a 2k again soon, I now have the itch to go sub-6:50. Video below:

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