What, when and where is Cróga Endurance?

Endurance is our 2x/week track class designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance. This class takes place Wednesday 7-8 pm & Saturday 10:30-11:30 am at the Campbell Community Center track.

What does Cróga Endurance include?

In our 1-hour track sessions, our CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certified Coaches will take you through a proper running warm-up, stretching, and a new interval workout each class that is personalized for each athlete. Then we’ll finish it off with some sprint intervals on Wednesday & core work on Saturdays.

Do I need to be a Cróga member to join?

No. We’re very excited to open this class to anyone and everyone that is physically capable of running and looking to improve their endurance.

Can I be a member at another CrossFit gym and join?

Absolutely! We will welcome you with a big smile on our face and will gladly help you improve your endurance so you can smash WODs at your home box. Our goal is to build fitter athletes in a fun and inviting environment, so all are welcome.

How do you customize it for each athlete?

We run all the warm-ups and stretching as a group, but after that, we write all our workouts with pacing suggestions for each athlete to use based on their past running results. An example would be, Run 400m @ 6-8 seconds slower than your 1-mile pace, rest 20 seconds, repeat for 4 rounds. This is why you’ll see below that you’ll need a stopwatch with you for this class.

Can I use this to make me a better at activities other than running (i.e. Swimming, Biking, Hiking, CrossFit, etc.)?

Yes! We like running because it requires you to support your own structure and the track is a great place to meet and be able to coach athletes since they’re just running in circles. However, what we’re really focused on improving is the efficiency of your muscles to do work and your ability to breathe. The better you are at those two things, the better you’ll be at every sport or activity you choose.

What to Bring

  • Smile & Positive Attitude
    • We know some people HATE running (we don’t love it either), but we know it makes us better, so we’ve learned to appreciate it. A positive attitude is required to be successful in this class, so please show up with a smile and ready to have some fun.
  • Running or Athletic Shoes
    • You don’t technically need running shoes, but you should be wearing a pair of shoes you’re comfortable running in. Coach Dave prefers CrossFit shoes, so if you show up in Nanos or Metcons you won’t be the only one.
  • Athletic Shoes
    • Having a flat shoe is fantastic, but tennis shoes or running shoes will be just fine. Just please don’t wear clogs or sandals, haha.
  • Water Bottle
    • There is a water fountain, but sometimes it’s easier to just fill it there and have it handy by where we stop and start on the track, which isn’t always next to the water fountain.
  • Stopwatch (wrist or handheld or cell phone)
    • This is a must. We will not have extras and you will need your own watch to time your own intervals because they will most likely be different from everyone else’s in class.


Monthly Memberships (8 classes/month):

  • Cróga Member: $50
  • Non-Member: $80


  • Cróga Member Drop-In: $10
  • Non-Member Drop-in: $15

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Wednesday 7-8 pm & Saturday 10:30-11:30 am