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  • headshot-for-Terry-W.

    Honestly, it’s changed my life for the better in every way imaginable. You’ll never regret it: the level of fitness you’ll achieve, the confidence you’ll gain, and the awesome community you’ll join.
    Terry W.
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    Since joining Cróga about a year ago, I’ve lost 20 lbs of body fat and gained just under 10 lbs of lean muscle.
    Kevin S.
  • headshot-for-Anne-M.

    Even though I may be one of the oldest members of Cróga CrossFit at 58yrs old, the environment is very inclusive and inspirational. I love it and I am getting compliments from lots of my friends about looking very good these days.
    Ann M.
  • headshot-for-Terry-W.

    I’ve learned that you’re never too old to improve. I’m accomplishing movements I never thought I could do.
    Terry W.