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  • headshot-for-Pareesa-R.

    Not only is it a great variety of workouts everyday, great for any age or skill level, we have awesome coaches and a lot of really cool members. Nothing else compares.
    Paressa R.
  • If you show up and push yourself—combined with smart coaching, sensible nutrition, and lots of sleep—this stuff really allows you to make punctuated progress in all domains of fitness.
    Dimitriy M.
  • headshot-for-Caitlyn-M.

    It’s hard but with the help of the coaches and the support of the other members, anyone can do it. It can be scaled to fit everyone’s ability. It’s so fun and such a good workout.
    Caitlyn M.
  • headshot-for-Todd-L.

    The thing I probably enjoy more than the exercising is the community at Cróga. I have met a ton of great people that I really enjoy seeing each day. Cróga has done a great job by creating a welcoming environment that combines fun and fitness.
    Steve S.