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  • headshot-for-Anne-M.

    I love the way I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually and I want to keep my life on that track. My greatest motivation comes from Dave and Kelly, my coaches, who believe in me whole heartedly.
    Ann M.
  • I feel like I have found a very different level of fitness than I ever achieved before in my life. I have always been big and strong, but have never been able to do some of the more basic body weight physical acts, like a pull up, before.
    Rick D.
  • The coaches are all dedicated, knowledgeable, supportive, and fun! I feel lucky to get to ask you all questions and get such detailed help. Your passion for fitness and the members is obvious. The members are awesome, encouraging, and helpful.
    Jill P.
  • The sense of community I observed during class and at the Open was something I was looking for so I finally made the switch from my previous box.
    Erin F.