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Be Lionhearted!

  • headshot for Shawn O.

    I love the feeling of accomplishment as I drive home after completing the 6 AM workout. I do enjoy that I am learning new movements and developing new muscle groups. I appreciate having the ongoing instruction/guidance during each class.
    Shawn O.
  • headshot-for-Todd-L.

    The thing I probably enjoy more than the exercising is the community at Cróga. I have met a ton of great people that I really enjoy seeing each day. Cróga has done a great job by creating a welcoming environment that combines fun and fitness.
    Steve S.
  • headshot-for-Anne-M.

    Even though I may be one of the oldest members of Cróga CrossFit at 58yrs old, the environment is very inclusive and inspirational. I love it and I am getting compliments from lots of my friends about looking very good these days.
    Ann M.
  • I want to thank all the coaches for always motivating and pushing me. The community is simply the cherry on top, you guys are awesome! Thank you!
    Erika A.