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Be Lionhearted!

  • headshot-for-Terry-W.

    I’ve lost over ten pounds, but more importantly I’ve improved my health. I sprint up stairs, instead of panting all the way to the top. I actually can feel my muscles and just in general am more toned.
    Terry W.
  • headshot-for-David-D.

    I have notice the biggest change in my life with my family life, I find myself having more energy for my 3 boys and more patience. I have also lost over 40lbs, this is the most exciting part of CrossFit, seeing your body changing and having to purchase new clothing.
    David D.
  • There have been days where I’m soaking in sweat, my body is shaking and I feel like I can’t get up but I mentally push my body to keep going. Looking back at where you started and the strength you have now is a very powerful feeling.
    Erika A.
  • headshot-for-Todd-L.

    I love the competitiveness of the workouts of course however I also love the community as well. In no other competition will you see the first person to finish cheering on the last person to finish.
    Todd L.