10 Things That Require Zero Talent

10 Things That Require Zero Talent

I took a few weeks off from blogging, not because I needed to, but because nothing really jumped out to me. My goal for this Food for Thought Friday blog series is to be thought provoking and motivating, not just fill the air with nonsense that I don’t even believe just to get content out into the world.

Well, I finally got a new piece of inspiration. Right now, it’s Saturday morning and I just got a instagram message from one of our coaches. It was a photo titled “10 things that require zero talent” (see below).

10 things that require zero talent

I’ve seen this image before, and if I remember correctly I even reposted it on the Cróga CrossFit Instagram a few weeks ago, but at the time I obviously wasn’t in the right headspace to write a blog post.

When I saw the photo again and read through the list, my first thought was about my own journey as a CrossFit athlete, then I thought about how this relates to our members and then I thought about how this applies to all people trying to get better at work or a skill or accomplish a goal.

My entire athletic career, whether it be playing basketball through 8th grade, soccer through high school, snowboarding in college or CrossFit currently, I have never been the most talented or genetically gifted athlete involved.

However, without being told, I have almost always done every single thing on that list and these qualities and choices are the things that I attribute any success I’ve ever had.

I can also tell you that when any of those 10 things begins to suffer during a training session (practice), or competition that my overall performance will decline linearly with it.

Show up late? You’re going to have to rush the warm up and the workout will suffer.

Don’t want to work hard? Someone else will be and they’ll be getting better while you’re just standing still.

Don’t want to listen to the coach when they give you advice? Why? You’re paying them, they’re only trying to keep you safe and make you better? At Cróga, fitness is a 2-way street, we work together to get each member better, but we can’t help you if you won’t listen…

Got a specific goal, ask for extra work on the side, but don’t ever do any of it? Why? Is your goal something you really want, or just something you say you want, but aren’t willing to go after?

I could go through the whole list, but I’m pretty sure you all get the point by now.

Not everyone is built the same. Not mentally, not physically, not emotionally, but there are a ton of variables that we can control that will allow us to be more successful at the things we put our minds to.

This list of 10 things that require zero talent is the perfect example.

Next time you feel like you’re banging your head into a wall and not getting anywhere with something you want to accomplish, take a look back at this list.

Are you focused on doing your best to give 100% in these 10 categories that you can control? If not, fix the ones that you’re performing poorly in and watch your success follow.