20 Unbroken No’s

20 Unbroken No’s

“Making the right food choices for performance or physique goals is a WAR.” – Larry G.

I saw this “punchcard” on Instagram last week and loved the idea, especially since we’re nearing the end of the holiday season and all of our lives have been bombarded with temptations that we know taste good, but we should really say “no” to.

The concept was that the coach would give a free personal training session to anyone that gave 20 unbroken “no’s” to temptations.

Before I go further here, please DO NOT be “that guy/girl” that eats chicken and broccoli, drinks only water and then refuses dessert and/or champagne at New Year’s Eve while everyone else enjoys themselves.

That is the wrong time to say no.

In fact, saying no in situations like that are what cause you to lose friends and make nonsustainable dietary changes.

With that being said, the answer shouldn’t always be yes when asked if you want some or if you want more.

And, although I give you some solid strategies for the remainder of the year below, the 20 No’s is the perfect way to start your New Year off on the right foot as well.

Be smart about what you’re eating and try to limit the portion size of the “treats” and increase the quantity of the things you know are good for you, or reasonably good for you.

Eat protein, maybe in larger quantities than usual, to fill up on the one piece of food that’s usually prepared in a manner that doesn’t include a bunch of crap you don’t realize is included.

Only have 1 roll or piece of bread, don’t keep going back for more and slathering them with butter.

Try to get as many carbs as possible from green veggies.

Limit the portion size and the number of types of dessert you have. There’s no need to have 5 cookies when 1 will probably do the job.

Finally, don’t be afraid to say no.

My go to “excuse” is that I’m overly full.

This is usually the truth because I tend to struggle with following my own suggestions above, but we’re all human, right? I’m entitled to make some mistakes.

I hope you all enjoy your friends and family this holiday season and enjoy the food, but make as many good decisions as possible.

And remember this card come January 1st.

You can do it!