2014 Bay Area ROC Race!

2014 Bay Area ROC Race!

Hello, Haley here! Come join the Cróga CrossFit team for the 2014 Bay Area ROC Race. The race will be on August 23rd at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds.

The ROC race is a game-show inspired obstacle run with 12 awesome obstacles. Some of these obstacles include a giant wrecking ball, ball jumps, and the world’s largest inflatable water slide! A water slide in a race? You can’t make a race much more fun then that, so come join the Cróga ROC Race team and feel the glory of accomplishing an obstacle race!


Register under Team Cróga CrossFit with the password murph. Prices for registration will increase on Friday, June 6th at 11:59pm so register ASAP.

For information on the 2014 ROC Race visit their website at http://rocrace.com/bayarea/

Hope to see lots of you there!