1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

Month: December 2015

DWM Sat 12/19/15

AM A. Deadlift – 3,3,3; rest 3min (build to mod-heavy triple) First sets in the new work in progress garage gym. 315/365/385. Could’ve gone heavier, but wanted to stay in good control so I didn’t drop the thing and wake the neighbors at 7 am on a Saturday. It was nice to get some DLs …

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DWM Wed 12/16/15

AM 60min EN1/EN2 Session **mix & match Run/Row/AD 30min Mobility Completed. 10 ad, 10 row, 10 run x2. PM EMOM for 20min MIn-1 – 15 WB Min-2 – 45 Double-unders MIn-3 – 15 PS @ 75# Min-4 – 7 BBJ @ 24″” Completed, no trouble. Power snatches were a pain, but always unbroken in like …

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Mon 12/14/15

AM Swim – 45-60min Finish w/ 5 x 100’s rest 30sec, hold fastest sustainable pace across + Upper-body mobility (include banded OH distraction w/ external rotation + LAX ball smash lat/teres) Swimming went better again today. Rolling on my left side helped my shoulder. No pain or tightness post swim and lats feel better today, …

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DWM Wed 12/2/15

Wed 12/2/15: AM For time: 60min EN1/EN2 Session 30min Mobility Completed this with 5 min increments of run, AD & row. Stayed in the EN1 zone mostly because I was super tired from the night before, only slept 5 hours because I went to the Sharks game, they played the Penguins. Went home and got …

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