Another Reason to CrossFit…

Another Reason to CrossFit…

double-under-wonderA week or so ago, I got a facebook message from Jill and it was a link to a blog post on a site called Double Under Wonder.

After a quick chuckle about the clever blog name I clicked through to a blog post titled Another Reason to CrossFit…

As I was reading along I was having flashbacks of when I was fresh out of college, working my first desk job and how it seemed like I would count the hours each day until I got off work and could head to CrossFit.

I would measure my food in the mornings, weigh my turkey and put it in baggies, count my almonds, and cut up my apple so that I could eat 1/2 for lunch and 1/4 at each snack, and keep my diet strictly zone for no other reason than to perform well when I got off work at my 1 hour fitness class.

From the outside looking in, I probably seemed like I was out of my mind, but to me, this stuff made perfect sense.

I was longing for something that gave me the opportunity to put in work and actually get somewhere and see improvement besides my bank account receiving a deposit every two weeks.

So, without borrowing any more of Ian Sturgeon’s content to tell my story, I’ll let him tell it himself for this week’s Cróga Food for Thought Friday.

Another Reason to CrossFit… by Ian Sturgeon