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  • I’ve got muscle tone! Woo hoo! I definitely feel stronger and fitter. I noticed a significant improvement in my strength, technique, and endurance from past years.
    Megan T.
  • headshot for Shawn O.

    I love the feeling of accomplishment as I drive home after completing the 6 AM workout. I do enjoy that I am learning new movements and developing new muscle groups. I appreciate having the ongoing instruction/guidance during each class.
    Shawn O.
  • Head Photo For Mark E.

    I love working out and going to the gym. I realized how bored I was with the typical gym workout when I came to Cróga.
    Mark E.
  • I’ve dropped 2 – 3 sizes (depends on the brand) – so officially no “mom jeans” for me now. It’s really cool to see the muscle definition & to simply be more compact. Each WOD I find not only can I do a bit more but I can push a bit harder.
    Jen D.