First off, sorry I’ve been away for a couple weeks, the whole 30th birthday followed by 4th of July followed by helping my brother-in-law demo their 100-year-old kitchen (future blog post about functional fitness to follow in the near future) threw me for a loop and I’m finally gathering my thoughts and getting back to the normal work/life schedule.

While running around like crazy for the last few weeks I’ve had a million different thoughts and ideas for blog posts, but the idea of controlling your attitude was the one I kept coming back to.

Without a doubt, I honestly believe that attitude can make or break your experience and performance at the gym (and at work, but that’s a separate idea all together).

SmilesHaving a positive attitude, looking forward to the workout and beating a previous record or making yourself better leads to success.

While dreading the workout and just trying to get through it or do about as good as an old score will lead to certain failure and lack of improved fitness.

We structure our classes, write warm ups, mobility & workouts and yell encouragement for hours each day to help you get the most out of your own experience and to make you better, not because it’s doing anything for us as coaches.

In my opinion, I hear way to much of the following statements:

* “This is going to suck”
* “I hate <insert movement here> (typically burpees)”
* “<insert movement here> again?!?! Grrrrrr”
* “I’m just going to try to get close to what I did last time”
* “Why can’t I <insert lift here> more?”

When I should be hearing way more:

* “This is going to be hard, but fun”
* “What do you think I can do to improve my squat?”
* “I am always out of breathe during long workouts, what can I do to improve there?”
* “Woah, this workout is insane, I love it!”
* “I’m gonna be crushed when we’re done, it’s gonna be great.”

Now, I’ve been there, I get it, sometimes what’s written on the board looks hard and you know deep down inside that it’s not going to be easy.

But, you need to teach yourself to change your outlook.

If you change the way you think about the task at hand, you can control the way it feels during and the results you achieve.

So here’s a challenge for you for this coming week:

For 1 week, and we’ll make it just weekdays, Monday, 7/18 through Friday, 7/22, I want you to consciously change your attitude toward the workouts you see.

I want you to look at the workout the night before or when you walk into the door of the gym and if you have a negative thought I want you to change it to a positive version.

When you have a question for your coach, I want you to come up with the positive version of it and ask for help, instead of presenting a problem and being negative about it.

Let us know how you do by commenting on our Facebook ( or Instagram ( accounts.

Did you perform better than usual?

Did you move better than the last time you tried a movement?

Did you go faster?

Did you have more fun??????

I hope the answer to all of the above is yes and that you’ll take this concept and run with it for years to come.

See you next week on the Food for Thought Friday blog!