August Squats & Deadlifts

August Squats & Deadlifts

Some of you may have noticed that at the end of July we had a day where the programming looked like this:

In 20 Min:
Establish 1RM Deadlift
In 20 Min:
Establish 1RM Back Squat

Some of you also might’ve thought to yourself, “I wonder if we’re going to do this again at the end of August?”

Ann Deadlift

Well, if you did, you were right.

After our hugely successful Overhead Squat July, we have decided to see if we can build some serious posterior chain strength to go along with our added flexibility to achieve some BIG results.

Over the month of August we will be deadlifting and squatting at load at least once a week.

We would love it if you all did your best to attend on these strength focused days so that you can reap the benefits and add your name to the PR board by the end of the month.

Posterior chain strength is essential to your success as an athlete and is also a very important part of good posture and a healthy back.

We’re looking forward to seeing a whole stack of positive strength results at the end of the month, don’t miss out on being one of them.