Benchmark WODs & Tracking Results

Over the past few months, many of you have noticed a pattern of us programming a named, 1 rep max, or specifically scored workout every couple weeks.

If you hadn’t noticed, now you know, this is no accident.

At the beginning of May, Coach Anthony and I put together a list of 16 benchmark workouts (or lifts) that we thought were good measuring sticks for us to see how the community is progressing and for you to be able to check in with.

We came up with this list knowing that our program is designed to build a community of well rounded athletes and we want to know that we’re helping you advance in all areas of fitness, while also allowing you to celebrate victories and progress.

By having this list of 16 “workouts” and performing one every two weeks, we are able to have you perform each one about every 6 – 7 months, which should be plenty of time for you to build advanced adaptations in whatever metric that workout is testing.

For a couple examples:

If we have you do a 1RM deadlift, hopefully with 6 months of pulling and squatting, with varied movements and rep schemes we can make this number increase.

If we have you row a 2k, hopefully with 6 months of more rowing exposure in workouts, longer more aerobic workouts, and improved technique, you can get your time down.

If we have you do Fight Gone Bad, hopefully with 6 months of mixed modal sub-maximal workouts with heavy breathing, we can build some muscle endurance and your aerobic capacity and increase your score the next time you give it a shot.

And now for the fun part…

By tracking your workout results using Beyond the Whiteboard ( (if you’re not doing this, DO IT! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask your coach), you not only will get to see how much better your getting each attempt, but you’ll also get to ring the PR bell and put your name on the PR Board with the current record.

In addition to this, you are helping us provide you with a better product and better programming because if we notice that we aren’t achieving the improvements we’re looking for throughout the community, we can tweak our programming to make sure we bias it toward the area that is lacking and hopefully make a bigger improvement the next time.

Our purpose is to help you all improve as athletes by helping you continually become more fit and therefore healthier and tracking progress is an essential part of this.

As the saying goes, “help me (us), help you”.



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