Body Weight/Gymnastics Week

Body Weight/Gymnastics Week

In CrossFit we pride ourselves on including a very wide range of movements in our programming and we do our best to vary our WODs to include as many as possible so we can be better at the 10 General Physical Skills.

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However, we also recognize that the best way to get better at olympic weightlifting, especially when you are new to it, is to establish a foundation of solid metabolic conditioning and gymnastics skills.

The more in control you are of your own body when there is no external load, the easier it will be to put yourself in the correct position to make those heavy clean & jerks or snatches when they’re programmed.

For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this week to WODs that will only include monostructural (running or rowing) and gymnatics (body weight) movements.

We will be focusing on enforcing proper movement in all skills we perform to hopefully deliver additional body awareness and strength at body weight to allow for you to make strides again when you have a barbell back in your hands.

To kick it off, we’re starting today with a classic CrossFit WOD, Cindy. See you all later today!

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