Yesterday was a modified version of Fight Gone Bad, 5 rounds of 1 minute tire flips, 1 minute box jumps (24″/20″), 1 minute push ups (hand-release) and 1 minute rest. This type of workout for max reps per round really pushes each individual to their limit to achieve the same score or higher, round after round.

The thing I enjoyed the most of all yesterday, besides everyone’s hard work, was watching all our members work together to push each other to that “next level” of performance and encourage one another to keep going and not give up.

I heard a lot of “30 more seconds”, “get a few more reps”, “keep going”, “don’t stop”, “come on”, “1 MORE ROUND”. This camaraderie and team work even though each person was working for themselves and their highest score possible is what we love to see and is another thing we love about the group setting that we utilize in CrossFit.

You all did a great job yesterday and I hope to see more and more of this as we continue to get to know each other and become friends/family.

Keep it up! You are all doing fantastic and this team work will only help us all to achieve what previously seemed to be impossible.

Teamwork at Cróga

Teamwork at Cróga

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