Celebrate Your Victories – Big or Small

Celebrate Your Victories – Big or Small

At Cróga we have a Personal Record (PR) Bell and a PR Board that sometimes go overlooked, but I think are essential parts of the gym.

It might seem silly at times to ring the bell and write your name on the whiteboard documenting the record you just broke, but I’d argue that it’s essential to your continued success as an athlete.

Many people don’t want to draw attention to themselves or give themselves the old pat on the back because they don’t want anyone to think their showing off, but in a community like ours at Cróga that is made up of like minded individuals that genuinely cheer each other on and love to see each other progress, I don’t think anyone should feel this way.

PR Board
You are the one that put all the hard work in to achieve this new pinnacle in your own personal fitness journey, be proud of it! Accept the high fives and claps from your fellow class mates and be ready to return the favor when the day comes that they too set a new personal record.

Not only will ringing that bell and writing your name on the board with your newest record make you feel good, but I honestly believe that it helps lift yours and everyone else’s morale and also gives you a little momentum.

It’s no coincidence that we often see athletes set 5+ PRs in a 30-day span and as the records start to pile up it seems like old records just seem to fall even easier and quicker.

Confidence in your abilities is a key factor in performing well and knowing that you’re on a roll lately can make all the difference.

So don’t downplay your achievements, celebrate your victories – big or small and I promise your fellow athletes and the staff at Cróga CrossFit will be more than happy to celebrate them with you!