Cliff K. Is The June Member Of The Month

Cliff K. Is The June Member Of The Month

Every class that Cliff and his wife, Gabi, walk in the door for is instantly a good 20-25% better than without them. Not only does Cliff ALWAYS bring solid effort, but he’s constantly looking to improve himself by paying close attention to the details that will help him hone his technique and make him more efficient. On top of that, one of my favorite things about Cliff is that he spreads the love by attending classes at all times of the day. With his consistent energy and positive attitude, Cliff is a solid addition to every class and we look forward to having him and Gabi with us for years to come.

When did you join Cróga?
In September 2016. My wife, Gabi, and I just moved into the neighborhood from San Diego.

What were you doing before for fitness?
I was doing CrossFit in San Diego at CrossFit Del Mar. Prior to that, I did just about everything… Running, swimming, yoga, weights, other HIIT programs. I’ve been an athlete my entire life.

What was your first workout? First reaction to your first workout?
I can’t recall the exact workout, but I remember I couldn’t walk down stairs the next day.

What improvements have you seen in the way you look, feel and perform?
All the benefits you would expect from doing CrossFit. When you’re a more “mature” athlete, you measure success a little differently.

What days and times do you come to Cróga?
I go whenever I can or need to. The 4:30 pm is probably my most frequent. We always try to make the Saturday morning class when we’re in town.

What’s your favorite WOD?
I don’t have a particular favorite. I tend to like chippers and WODs with running.

What’s your least favorite WOD?
I like all WODs, but for different reasons.

“The Cliff” WOD! What would it be?
Something that’s easy to count the reps. My math skills seem to deteriorate when I’m working out.

What’s your favorite post-workout routine?
A soak in the hot tub followed by a dip in a cold pool.

What do you love about CrossFit?
The comradery of the Box and the chance to compete in the Open.

What’s been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Cróga?
I haven’t really gotten into CrossFit cuisine. I just try to eat real food.

What’s your biggest fitness goal for 2017?
Mobility, mobility and more mobility. The expected result is the ability to do Toes-To-Bar and Chest-To-Bar Pullups

What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Cróga?
Make it a habit.

Anything to add that we didn’t touch on yet?
It’s great to be a part of the Cróga family. Thanks!!!