Cody Gets a Muscle-Up

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This was actually muscle-up #2...

This was actually muscle-up #2…

Yesterday was another great day with a huge accomplishment by one of our newest members. Cody, who joined us last month, got his first muscle-up! Not only did he get his first, but since I didn’t have the camera ready, he had to get his second muscle-up too. This is something that Cody has been working at for months and months and his persistence finally paid off.

For those of you who do not know what a muscle-up is, check out the video below to see one of the top CrossFit women in the world complete a muscle-up in ultra slow-mo. It is one of the hardest movements we do in CrossFit and to most CrossFitters the day they get their first muscle-up is one they will remember forever. If you see Cody, be sure to congratulate him! Great work Cody!

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