Community Connection #1

Over the 6 months that Kelly and I spent dedicating all our waking moments and probably many of our hours while asleep to building the foundation of Cróga there is one thing that we continually talked about and that is the community we want to build. We want to assemble a group of members that not only come together for their workouts, but spend quality time outside the gym together and that will use their different backgrounds and expertise to improve each others lives. Over these last 2 weeks we’ve started to see many friendships begin to form and it makes us both very happy, but on Sunday we were able to make our first connection outside the gym and it is something we are very proud of.

Two of our members, Jillian and Tara, had their car break down late last week and decided they were going to purchase a new car this weekend. When they were in class on Saturday they mentioned it to me and I let them know that we have another member, Luke Council, that is a very good friend of mine and that is a salesman at Frontier Ford. I was able to get them together later that afternoon and on Sunday Jillian and Tara went to see Luke after class. A short two hours later they were proud owners of a brand new Ford Focus (photo below)! Later that night I received a very nice phone call from Luke letting me know how it went and that he really enjoyed working with Jillian and Tara. This was followed by the two ladies coming to class yesterday and expressing the same satisfaction with how nice Luke was and how quickly the process was.

Moral of the story: Get to know your fellow Cróga members. You never know when you’re going to meet a new friend or somebody that can help fill a need and make a process that is typically something you dread into something you enjoyed.

Jillian & Tara's New Car!

Jillian & Tara’s New Car!

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