Consistency Brings Results

Consistency Brings Results

These past few weeks in the lead up to The CrossFit Games Open I have been programming a lot of the old Open workouts so that our members can get a taste of what is coming over the next 5 weeks.

These workouts are often manageable for the first couple minutes, but then take a quick turn to difficult and near impossible because of the escalation of complexity of movements, accumulation of fatigue, increase in weight or all the above.

The fun part about this though, especially as a coach, is that as an athlete becomes more experienced in CrossFit and develops in skill level and capacity, we can look back at previous results to see how far they’ve come and where they still need work.Abe Deadlift

A few days ago, we saw some outstanding increases in our overall results as a gym on a workout from 2014 (Open Workout 14.4) and what became most obvious quickly is that the individuals that made the biggest increases were those that have been most consistent.

When I say “most consistent”, I don’t mean consistent just in class attendance, although that is definitely an important factor.

When I say “most consistent”, I mean that these individuals do a lot of different things regularly that all lead to better overall health and fitness.

They consistently:

* Attend CrossFit class (At least 3 classes per week)
* Give 100% effort during the WOD and don’t cut corners, shorten the range of motion of a movement, or shave reps because they just want it to be over.
* Arrive a few minutes early to mobilize and leave a few minutes late to do some extra credit and stretch.
* Ask questions and seek knowledge on how to improve inside and outside the gym.
* Eat well balanced meals with real ingredients (their cheat meals are the exception, not the norm).
* Take supplements to fill in the gap where food just isn’t enough to support the physical workload of CrossFit
* Get 8-10 hours of sleep a night
* And the list goes on…

Some of this stuff may sound boring, and I assure you, some of it is, but creating good habits and consistently performing them will bring you results.

Despite all the things that we’ve been sold by fake website, advertisements, magazines, celebrities and infomercials over the years, there is no quick fix to get and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Health, wellness and fitness are all about consistency.

So, if you’re someone that thinks they need a little more consistency, choose one of the items on the list above that you’re not as good at and challenge yourself to make a change in the month of March.

After 1 month of consistency, it will become habit and you can move on to the next item of your choice.

Soon enough you will be the model of consistency and you will see the health and fitness benefits that accompany it.

So, without beating a dead horse, what are you going to do first? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and to help you set a March goal and help you stay accountable by checking in with you throughout the month.