Croga’s Why Part 2

Croga’s Why Part 2

In last week’s blog post, Croga’s Why Part 1, I talked about our mission statement and how it gives us direction and guides us as a business and a community.

This week I’m going to round out the subject of ‘why’ by talking about the Cróga CrossFit Core Values and how they relate to our mission statement and guide our coaches on a daily basis.

Clapping during Open

Get ready, here we gooooooooo…

1. Friendliness and Warmth: We want everyone that walks in the door of Cróga to feel welcome. Whether they’re our longest tenured member, someone we haven’t seen in months because they’ve been taking some time off, an out of town CrossFitter, or someone just coming to check the gym out that might be a future member.

2. Professionalism shown through consistency, punctuality, continuity & accountability: Although each of our coaches is a unique individual with their own style, we want to have a unified message, always be on time, have core coaching principles that don’t change and be the type of people that our members can depend on when they need something.

3. Cleanliness and tidiness: Most of you know that I am pretty particular with where things go and how they’re put away. Every piece of equipment has a home and needs to return to it daily. Keeping the gym neat and clean keeps everyone happy and just doing a little at a time makes a big difference over the long run.

4. Energy, enthusiasm and passion: We want to be the bright spot of your day. We coach CrossFit because we love it and we love our clients. We want this to show in our interactions with every person that walks through our door.

5. Commitment to our clients: If you’ve ever been to Cróga this one should be obvious more than any other. We are all 100% committed to the success of our members. We regularly go above and beyond what is required to just coach a class and we like it that way. We want to modify/scale the workouts for individuals. We want to give you extra credit to help you improve outside of class time. We want to talk to you about what you’re eating and how to lose those couple of stubborn pounds that won’t come off. You are our #1 priority and that will never change.

I hope that you have all enjoyed learned about our ‘why’ at Cróga CrossFit.

I also hope that seeing our ‘why’ gives you the motivation to create your own and write it down.

A few times a year I revisit our mission statement and core values to check back in with how we’re doing and what we’re doing. If I have been led astray at all they bring me right back in line and they allow me to make sure the product we’re providing is the best possible.