CrossFit for Hope: Cures

CrossFit for Hope: Cures

hope-logo-wagonIt is with great pleasure that I get to announce we will be hosting our first fundraiser for charity on Saturday, July 6th here at Cróga CrossFit!

We know that this is a holiday weekend, but for those of you that will be in town, this is an amazing opportunity to flex our Cróga CrossFit community muscle by raising some money for an awesome cause and performing a workout that will be done at thousands of other CrossFit Boxes worldwide on the same day!

Here is a little bit about this fundraiser, directly from the CrossFit for Hope: Cures website, “CrossFit, Inc. is committed to be a driving force in finding Cures for catastrophic children’s illnesses. Through the efforts of our affiliates and, ultimately, you the CrossFit community can be a driving force in the fight against children’s cancer and other illnesses. Our ability to make change is infinite. Our action is a responsibility.”

On July 6th we will be performing a WOD called “Hope For Cures”. This WOD has the same format as Fight Gone Bad (3 rounds of 1 minute at each of 5 stations with a 1 minute rest between rounds), but the stations are Burpees, 75# Power Snatch, 24″ Box Jumps, 75# Thrusters & Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.

If you would like to make a donation to CrossFit for Hope: Cures, please do so through our Cróga CrossFit Affiliate Page and help us reach our goal of $2,000.

There will be more to come on what time we will be doing this workout, and maybe some delayed 4th of July party time that will follow this first community fundraiser.

Please watch the video below to learn about Kate Foster, a 13-year-old CrossFitter that was diagnosed with leukemia that forced the amputation of her left leg. Her positive attitude and fighting spirit are two qualities that make her a true inspiration!