Do not seek comfort, seek solutions

Do not seek comfort, seek solutions

I heard another great quote yesterday and it got me thinking about my blog post this week.

“Do not seek comfort, seek solutions”

Getting comfortable with our every day schedule, our day to day tasks at work, our relationships, and our workout routine is something easy to do.

However, as always, I am here to challenge you to strive to get better every day.

Carve out time in your day to get something extra done around the house, even when it seems like you’re too busy to stop for a few minutes to eat.

Don’t just go through the motions at work and do things the way you usually do, find a more efficient or better solution and produce a better product.

Go the extra mile for your significant other and do something nice for them that they didn’t ask you to do or weren’t expecting.

Don’t drive past the gym at night because it’s darker earlier and you’re a little tired from a long day at work, pull in the parking lot and join your friends for the WOD.

And finally, as your CrossFit Coach I need to circle this back to fitness, add 10 extra lbs to the barbell for the WOD, do a few extra reps when it just doesn’t seem possible in your mind, don’t give in to your brain telling you no when deep down you know your body has a little bit left.

Don’t take the easy way out because it’s comfortable. Challenge yourself and seek solutions.