Don’t blame the holidays, it’s not their fault

Don’t blame the holidays, it’s not their fault

I saw this photo of a Snapple bottle top the other day and I couldn’t help but write a Food For Thought blog post about it because it hit the nail on the head.

The weather here in San Jose, CA has officially shifted to cold. Well, cold for us…

It seems like we’re going to work in the dark and getting off when it’s dark too. We’re only 13 days away from the shortest day of the year (December 21st)…

Even though we’ve gotten through Thanksgiving, Christmas is right around the corner and the end of year holiday party invites seem like they’re coming fast and furious…

Although I acknowledge all of these “facts”, I’m here to tell you that it’s not their fault.

Sure, they all make it a little less appealing to get to the gym, but acknowledging them and making the decision to not let them derail you is the true path to success.

The best way to avoid having to make the traditional “get fit” New Years resolution is to not stop training in the final three months of the year when all the excuses above become easy to use.

The coaches and other athletes at Cróga will greet you with a BIG SMILE when you walk in the door.

We’ll make it fun, get you warm, and make you feel good when you’re done.

We’ll give you a high five and possibly teach you something new about fitness or a random fact about the world.

I can promise you that when you stop at the gym instead of driving by because it’s cold and dark outside you won’t regret the decision you made.

After all, you’re the one in control.

So, don’t blame the holidays, it’s not their fault.

PS. If you’re looking for some help with accountability, we recently launched an awesome program called Uplift. It’s the perfect program to help you set a goal, come up with a plan to reach it, and be held accountable with weekly check-ins and monthly personal training included. AND, this program is available to Cróga Members and Non-Members.