Don’t cling to a mistake

Don’t cling to a mistake

This week’s blog post is one that I have a feeling is going to hit home for a lot of people.

Per usual, during a ROMWOD session I was floating around Instagram and came across this photo.

I know you just looked at it, but I want you to read it out-loud to yourself, “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.”

For some of you this may hit home a little deeper than other with things that have occurred in your life, and if you think you’re one of those people, I encourage you to adopt this as a mantra.

Recite it daily and use these words to let it go.

For the rest of you, and since this is a CrossFit blog, I want you to look at this quote as it relates to your health & fitness.

You can’t undo a weekend of binging on food & drinks with one workout.

You can’t undo a decade of ignoring your health in 1 month of starting CrossFit.

But, you can get excited about the process and build a lasting habit.

A habit of getting up a little earlier than you normally would so you can make class, or taking a slight detour on the way home to head to the gym.

A habit that involves focusing on yourself and the task at hand instead of thinking about work and life and stress.

A habit that includes seeing friends, making new ones and enjoying an hour with these friends while you all make yourself better.

A habit that leads to other “good” habits like eating better, drinking more water and going to bed a little earlier.

A habit that you’ll look up from in a year and be astounded at how far you’ve come.

With the key step being to let go of a mistake or a series of them and taking the first step to making the necessary correction.