Don’t Worry, No One Is Looking

Don’t Worry, No One Is Looking


I met up with one of our members this morning for coffee/breakfast (don’t forget about my Spreading the Fitness blog post) and we talked about all kinds of things from work to family to nutrition and, of course, Cróga.

He’s a guy that has been a member at Cróga for quite awhile now and has had his ups and downs with fitness and commitment to a regime his entire adult life.

He’ll go months hitting it hard and then some random life event or travel for work will get him out of the routine and then he’ll be hit-or-miss for a few months before he convinces himself to get back after it strong.

As I was sitting there talking to him about how to get going again I was also thinking about how common this same problem is for so many of our members, as well as the general population.

Hell, this was even a problem for me for years and now I own a gym and train the exact same 5 days of the week every week of the year.

Our conversation continued down the same path and we started to discuss the different obstacles and things that might be road-blocks for his return and his continued success and attendance once he does return full-time.

The thing that stuck out to me most, probably because I’ve heard it what feels like a million times, was that one of his concerns was what he looked like to the other people in class when he was 3/4 of the way through the workout, covered in sweat, behind the pack and struggling to finish.

My immediate response to him and everyone else I’ve ever heard who says something like this is “don’t worry, no one is looking. They’re all just trying to get through the workout too and they’re probably thinking the same thing.”

The funny part is that we’ve all been there and if you think hard about what you were thinking about the last time you were 3/4’s of the way through your last burner of a workout, it sure as hell wasn’t “that guy over there really looks rough, is he ok?”. It was probably “holy shit, how the hell am I going to get the rest of this done?” and “I hope no one is looking at me because this probably isn’t very pretty”.

I can 100% guarantee that the only person paying any attention to you is the coach, who is making sure you’re safe and performing the correct movement the best way possible, and maybe another member if they’re trying to make sure they don’t kick you during their toes-to-bar or so they don’t drop the barbell on your head if you’re close to them while doing a clean & jerk.

Forget about what everyone else in class is doing or thinking about you.

Focus on yourself and completing the workout to the best of your ability.

It’ll all be fine.

They’ll be there to cheer you on at the end if you do end up last and to give you a high five when you kick the WODs ass.

Like I said earlier, don’t worry, no one is looking, they’re just trying to survive.

Coach Dave Crushed