DWM Fri 10/23/15

Slept 8+ hours on Thursday night.
Thursday Food
Macros: 50% Carbs, 30% Fat, 20% Protein with 4,200 calories

Row – 2k @ EN1->EN2 (building every 500m)
Felt good here. HR Photo below.
102315-Warm Up 2k HR
Row – 3 x 12-15sec @ 1:19-1:20 pace; rest 3-5min (as needed for complete recovery)
These were pretty good, I was at like 50 strokes per minute to get under 1:20, but I made it on all 3. HR Photo below.
102315-Speed Intervals HR
Row – 4 x 250m @ 1k pace; rest 60sec
Rest 5min
x3 sets
These went well too, kept a steady pace just under 1:35 and made them all without major trouble. I could feel the GHDs in my hips & abs most of all during the row. HR Photo below.
102315-250m Intervals HR
AD/Row/Walk – 10min flush
Completed on AD
ROMwod – 20min

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