DWM Fri 10/30/15

DWM Fri 10/30/15

Fri 10/30/15:

A. Power Snatch – in 6-8 sest, build to tough TnG double; rest as needed
These went pretty darn well, wasn’t sure where I would end up. I ended up going 95-135-165-185-195-205-215-225(right on the edge of a squat snatch). Video below.

B. Snatch Grip Bnk Push Press – in 5-6 sets, build to tough single; rest as needed
Hadn’t done these in awhile, I barely missed 245 twice and never went for 235, so my heaviest was 225. Weights were 165-185-205-225-245 miss twice. Videos below.

40 Muscle-ups for time
I thought this went really well because I stuck to a game plan and made it happen. I felt really good through the mid-20s and early 30s. My time was 5:41 and I split the work up 4/4/4/4/4/4/4/3/3/3/2/1. Video below.

8 Strict HSPU
16 Kipping HSPU
32′ HS Walk
Rest 3min
x3 Rounds
These were good, but my shoulders were smoked by the time I started doing them. Times and videos are below.
Round 1 – 1:01

Round 2 – 1:28 (face plant)

Round 3 – 1:16 (bad HS walk)

3 Rounds for time
10 Power Snatch @ 115#
10 TTB
50 Double-unders
Rest 5min
x2 Rounds
This work was TOUGH, had to really grind, but I found that next level and pushed and went UB on the T2B most round and always UB on the jump rope except the time I hit the camera because it was behind me. Times and videos below.
Round 1 – 5:07

Round 2 – 5:36

Row – 2k @ 30min TT pace
Rest – 90sec
x2 Rounds
Choice Cyclical – 15min flush
Completed on AD.
ROMwod – 20min