DWM Fri 11/13/15

Fri 11/13/15:

A. Split Jerk (rack) – 1 rep @ 85% every 90sec for 10 sets
These went really well, just had to stay focused on the task. For some weird reason I didn’t push my head through on rep 2 so it got out in front of me and I lost it, so I did 11 rounds with 1 miss. Video below. All reps at 265.

2 Legless Rope-climbs to 15′
12 Deficit HSPU (6.5″”)
Rest 2min
X4 sets
It’s been awhile since I’ve done legless climbs or deficit HSPUs. They weren’t overly difficult, but could definitely use a little more work just to grease the groove. My times & videos are below. The final round should be faster, I had trouble for some stupid reason kicking to the handstand for the final 3 reps and lost like 20 seconds.
41 secs

59 secs



UB Sets:
6 S.HSPU + 12 K.HSPU
6 S.CTB + 12 CTB
6 S.Dips + 12 K.Dips
Rest 2-3min
Holy shit these were hard again, especially after the legless/deficit combo. I went UB though the HSPUs & C2Bs again, but suffered on the dips again. My times, breakdowns & videos are below. The backslashes are where I broke the work up.
1:27 (6+12/6+12/6+6/6)

1:58 (6+12/6+12/6/+6/3/2/1)

2:38 (6+12/6+12/3/3/+3/2/2/3/1/1)

3:03 (6+12/6+12/4/2+1/3/2/2/2/2)

3:39 (6+12/6+12/6/+3/2/2/3/1/1)

2 Rounds for time
20 Wallball
15 Lateral Box Jump Overs
10 TTB
5 TnG Squat Cleans @ 155#
Rest 5min
x2 Rounds
These were kind of hard, but I went unbroken except for 1 set of squat cleans because I lost the grip. Times & Videos below.


Row – 2k @ 30min TT pace
Rest – 90sec
Row – 2 x 1k @ 30min TT pace-2; rest 45sec
Rest – 2min
Row – 3 x 500m @ 30min TT pace-3; rest; rest 30sec
Murph got in a fight 1,500m into my 2k so I had to stop for a minute and grab him and then hop back on.
Choice Cyclical – 15min flush
ROMwod – 20min

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