DWM Fri 11/20/15

Fri 11/20/15:

Tons of sleep and food the last 2 days, I’m feeling great today. Looking forward to these last 2 days of deload and then hitting it hard again next week.

EMOM for 20min
Min-1 – 1 Rope Climb
Min-2 – 30 Double-unders
Min-2 – 5 Strict HSPU
Min-4 – 30sec AD @ 85% effort
Just cruised here. Did the rope climbs legless because I need work there. Did the DUs for speed and never missed, which is always good. Strict HSPUs were easy and I hit the AD hard to get a good sweat.
AD/Run – 20min @ EN1 (mix all 3)
Went 7 min AD, 7 min Row, 6 min jog.

Row Aerobic Prep – 10min
Did 1 min intervals at 5 second faster increments starting at 2:15, down to 1:50, then did the last 4 minutes at 2:05 pace. HR photo for everything below.
DROM – 10min (full body)
Row – 5 x 250m @ 2k pace; rest 30sec
Rest 3min
x2 Rounds
Just cruised along at 1:42, not easy by rounds 4 & 5, but I wasn’t ever in trouble of missing the pace.
Choice Cyclical – 15min flush
Completed on AD
ROMwod – 20min

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