DWM Fri 11/6/15

Fri 11/6/15:
No videos of this session or the next one, I accidentally deleted the files.

A. Split Jerk (rack) – 8 singles @ 85%; rest 2min
Made all these at 265 without trouble.
2 Rope-climbs to 15′
8 UB STOH @ 165#
Rest 2min
x4 sets
These went pretty good, climbing the rope from the ground and then trying to find my feet is much harder than jumping and finding the rope, but it’s what I’ve gotta do to make it seem like 15′. The shoulder to overheads were easy, which is a good sign at 165. Time were 35-37-35-34 seconds.
UB Sets:
6 S.HSPU + 12 K.HSPU
6 S.CTB + 12 CTB
6 S.Dips + 12 K.Dips
Rest 2-3min
These were freaking HARD! I went UB on the HSPUs and C2Bs in all rounds, but I never even came close on the dips. I guess this isn’t surprising because this is where we know I need work, but it was extremely hard. My arms felt like they were going to blow up after this, haha. Times were 1:40/2:23/3:22/3:39.

3 Rounds for time
10 Thrusters @ 115#
10 BF Burpees
10 TTB
Rest 5min
x2 Rounds
I was feeling pretty worn down from the whole week and all the arms earlier in the day when I got to this, but pushed through. The piece for 3 rounds went pretty good, I went unbroken and pushed the pace pretty well for a time of 4:20. The second set of 3 rounds was a lot harder. I still went UB, but it took a lot longer. Time was 5:16 on the second one.
Row – 2k @ 30min TT pace
Rest – 90sec
Row – 2 x 1k @ 30min TT pace-2; rest 45sec
Rest – 2min
Row – 3 x 500m @ 30min TT pace-3; rest; rest 30sec
No trouble here, completed.
Choice Cyclical – 15min flush
Completed on AD
ROMwod – 20min
Did this earlier in the day because I had time for it.

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