DWM Fri 1/16/15

DWM Fri 1/16/15

Fri 1/16/15:
Slept 6 hours last night and didn’t feel so great this morning, a little worn down. After the morning session I got a 2 hour nap in and that helped a lot. I’m looking forward to getting some solid rest this weekend.

I 8
C 10
E 10
I just wasn’t feeling great in the morning. Felt hungry & tired in the morning before I started training. Looking back, I should’ve probably just got something to eat and taken a nap or waited a little bit to train, but every session can’t be 100% I guess.

A. Power Snatch – 30 reps for time @ 165#
I didn’t know what my previous time was here, but I went as hard as I could. I tried to do this thing in doubles instead of singles, but after seeing the result I’m not sure that was the best decision. I went 5-3 and then 11 sets of 2 reps to finish it off. My time was 4:32. Previous PR on this WOD was 4:20. Not sure what to make of this, but I definitely didn’t feel 100%, so I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Video below:

10 CTB
10 Power Cleans @ 145#
10 STOH @ 145#
10 CTB
Rest 6-8min
This started off really well, but I ripped my hand during the first round and it only got worse from there. I did rounds 1 & 2 unbroken, but my round 3 I was bleeding all over the barbell and couldn’t grab the pull-up bar. This mixed with not feeling so hot made me decide to just shut it down and not do the last 2 rounds. My times for rounds 1 & 2 were 1:08 & 1:16. Round 3 was 1:58. Videos below:
Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Row – 4 x 1000m @75-80-85-90% effort; active rest 3min b/t
These were more difficult than expected, but I felt way better than I did in the morning after my nap. I did my best to give the proper efforts and it went well for the first 3, but I wasn’t able to go faster in round 4, I probably went 95% and I was just off my pace for round 3. My round times were
Round 1 – 3:48.4
Round 2 – 3:37.9
Round 3 – 3:29.5
Round 4 – 3:29.9
Core-circuit – 20min
Hollow rocks
Arch rocks
Lying windshield wipers
Side Planks
*dont’ stop moving
This was good, windshield wipers were difficult, but I know this is needed.