DWM Fri 12/18/15

A. Squat Clean & Jerk – build to MODERATE effort single for the day; rest as needed
No trouble, felt really strong today. 135-165-185-205-225-245-265. The 265 was EASY. Hopefully I’m up around 315 now.
B. HB BS – 3,2,1; rest as needed build to MODERATE effort single for the day rest as needed
C. MU – 10min tech/mechanics work, NON-fatiguing (2-3 on the min w/ tight, perfect kip, also work on uprise)
This was pretty fun, Kip is coming together really well, sent you a picture. I didn’t do a ton of warm up here, but for fun I decided to go for 1 set max unbroken, I got 15. I think with a better warm up of pulling and pressing I can probably get 17 or 18.
D. Rope Climb – 10min tech/mechanics work (text me video of 1-2 reps so I can pull into coaches eye)
Sent the video to you of 1 legs, 1 legless. Tough to practice these with such a short rope, but I’m really confident in my regular rope climbs, not as confident in legless.

A. HS Walking – 10min Practice, NON-fatiguing
Fun little time spent here, got some laps in the gym and worked on my square, actually started making it on the backward section, but still haven’t made it the whole length yet.
B. Deficit K.HSPU – 10min practice, NON-fatiguing (work efficiency/movement quality at various depths)
Crushed these, super good today. I went 5″/9″/11″/13″ and couldn’t go any further because my shoulders were touching the plates, I’d have to make the plates wider than my shoulders. Sent you a video here too.
Row – 15min @ EN1/EN2
Run – 15 x 30sec @ 85%; walk 30sec
AB – 15min @ EN1/EN2
Didn’t have time for all of this, so I did 10 min row at EN2 followed by 10 min AD at EN2 followed by a 5 min flush.
Mobility – 40min (20min ROMwod + 20min on any specific targets that need to be addressed)
Plan to do this later tonight.