DWM Fri 1/23/15

DWM Fri 1/23/15

Fri 1/23/15:
Got 7 hours of sleep last night and took another 45 minute nap today. Feeling good, been working on my calf and also on loosening up my shoulders, which has helped lately.

I 8
C 10
E 10
This was a kind of laid back session, so I’m not sure it could have a ton of intensity, but I was very focused and it all went well.

A. Squat Snatch – 1 rep every 30sec for 6 reps @ 165#; rest 2min
B. Squat Snatch – 1 rep every 45sec for 5 reps @ 185#; rest 2min
C. Squat Snatch – 1 rep every 60sec for 4 reps @ 205#; rest 2min
No trouble here. I can still clean this lift up a little by bringing my hips forward sooner & pulling my elbows a little better, but I didn’t have any problems with these weights. There were a few that were perfect, the rest were pretty damn close. Videos below:
165# Reps:

185# Reps:

205# Reps:

5 Rounds @ comfortable pace:
10 UB Thrusters @ 115#
Walk 100ft
10 UB CTB Pull-ups
Walk 100ft
Nice and smooth here, no trouble. Videos below:

Row – 20min @ easy recovery pace (if you start to feel localized fatigue, get-up & walk around for ~60sec then return)
Mobility – 20min
Not much to report here, just did the work.