DWM Fri 1/30/15

DWM Fri 1/30/15

Fri 1/30/15:
Still feeling the chest cold that started on Tuesday, but it was getting better so I decided to give this work today a go. I’ve been trying to get 10 hours or more sleep a day since Tuesday between the night and naps and it’s been working pretty well. I’d say I was about 75% this day.

Pistol mechanics/progressions – NTE 30 total reps per leg
I did a total of 40 reps (20 per leg). I did them in sets of 10 and took video from the right, left & straight ahead. I don’t really have any trouble with pistols, so after I had done all these reps unbroken I decided to move on. Videos are below:
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Open 14.2
This went pretty darn well considering I was having some pretty serious trouble not coughing while breathing hard and I ripped my hand in the warm up. I’ve ordered some new longer natural grips to use during training and in The Open and I’ll keep taking care of my hands. My left hand hasn’t been having any issues, and I think after this last final rip my right hand will finally be able to full recover.

My legs felt really good and at through the middle of the 16s I thought in my head that I was going to have a shot at making it through the 18s, but once my hand started bleeding and I had to move to the lower bar for singles I knew that would going to be a tall task. Video is below:

Row – 40sec @ 85-90% effort
Rest – 20sec
Mobility – 20min
This row sucked pretty bad, but I got a good sweat in and some hard breathing. I rowed a little more than 5k and I was floating around a 1:40 the whole time in the 40 second work intervals.