DWM Fri 1/8/15

A. Squat Snatch x1 + Hang Squat Snatch x1 + OHS x1 – build to tough complex; rest as needed
225, barely missed 235, but I know I can make it.
B. GHD Sit-ups – 3 x 15 UB; rest 60-90sec
C. Pistol Progressions – 10min (do not accumulate more than 40 reps)
The little chipper
21 Cal AD
15 Power Snatch 105
9 bar facing burps
15 thrusters 105
21 cal AD
Time was – 5:43
This sucked. I used my HR monitor to count the calories and from what I remember when I used it while riding the air bike at Hignell’s gym is that it’s behind at the beginning of workouts, but evens out after 7-10 minutes. Since I was on for such a short period of time, I think I did a lot more than 21 calories on the air bike, but whatever. I also think I rode the bike too hard at the beginning because I could not pick the bar up when I got to it. I did the snatches 3-7-5 and the thrusters 5-10. I think if I slow my pace a little on the first bike, I will be able to move through the middle of the workout and crush the last bike a lot better for a faster time.
Choice Flush – 10-15min

Skipped this PM session because I had a wedding to go to.
Comp Style Warm-up – 20min
Row – 250m @ 100% effort
Rest – 90sec
x2 Rounds
**cannot leave the rower b/t efforts
Rest 10-15min (flush)
x2 sets
Mobility – 40min (20min ROMwod + 20min on any specific targets that need to be addressed)