DWM Fri 1/9/15

Fri 1/9/15:
Forgot the camera at home, so no video today, but solid results. Got 6 hours sleep + a 2 hour nap during the day.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Fantastic session. Hit some solid triple on the power snatch, crushed the strict HSPUs & worked extremely hard on the row/lunges.

A. TnG Power Snatch – 3 x 3.3.3; rest 30sec + 2min (build)
These went really well. I wasn’t sure where I was going to be able to get to, so I started at 155, which I think cost me a little at the top end, but I was happy with the effort & movement. I hit these at 155, 165 & 175. The final triple of 165 & 175 were both very difficult, but I think if I did this again I’d shoot for 185 or maybe 195. The repeatability at these higher numbers is getting better.
B. Strict HSPU – 50 reps for time
I absolutely crushed this and I have an eye witness, so even though it’s not on camera, I can honestly say it was legit. Time was 3:25, which was a 1:33 PR. I did them all in sets of 5, except I did the final 5 reps 3-2 so that I could get moving faster. I think I can beat this time pretty easily, I was just very cautious and took some big rests to make sure my triceps didn’t burn out. I think the biggest key is letting myself fall instead of doing a controlled negative.
500m Row @ 95% effort (very hard, high respiration/HR)
20 UB Front Rack Walking Lunges @ 135#
200m Rest-walk
These were dirty, but I think I did very well. I gave it my all each round and turned in some solid times. Total times are as follows with row times in parentheses.
R1 – 2:53 (1:34)
R2 – 3:01 (1:40)
R3 – 3:03 (1:40)
R4 – 3:00 (1:39)

Choice Cyclical – 30min @ Z1
Core-circuit – 20min
Hollow rocks
Arch rocks
Lying windshield wipers
Side Planks
*dont’ stop moving
Not much to report here except that this isn’t fun, but I know it’s necessary. I am getting better at the arch rocks & the hollow rocks, which is good news.

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