DWM Fri 2/6/15

DWM Fri 2/6/15

Fri 2/6/15:
Got 10 hours of sleep on Wed night. Only 5.5 hours last night, but I took a 1.5 hour nap today so I got 7 total. I know that’s not enough, but I went to dinner in San Francisco with my sister who was in town from LA, so I wasn’t home until about 11 pm.

I 10
C 8
E 10
Lost focus a couple times between split jerks, which I think caused the misses, but after each miss I was able to get focused again and make the lift.

A. Split Jerk- 8 singles @ 85% (build if you feel good)
I felt great with this movement, so I wanted to really go for it. I went 245 (85% of previous 1RM), 265, 285, 295, 305miss, 305, 315 miss, 315.






5 Rounds for time
7 Deadlift @ 255#
33 Double-unders
This was a great WOD. I would like to go under 5 minutes, but I missed a few DUs because I was trying to do them as fast as possible. I went unbroken on the DLs and the HSPUs, which was good because I had to dig for both in the last 2 rounds. Time was 5:27. Video below.

Gymnastics Core Circuit ~15min
Nothing to report here, no problems, got some good core work in.
Row – 30sec @ 90-95% effort
Rest – 20sec
This rowing really sucked, I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. My glutes & hamstrings were LIT UP by the end and I was completely drenched in sweat.
Mobility – 20min
Worked on the glutes & hamstrings after the row. Also spent a little time on my shoulders after the work I did in the morning.