DWM Fri 4/11/14

Fri 4/11/14:
Slept well last night and felt energized this morning. Knee was feeling better and after some time with the rumble roller on the bottom of my hamstring and the top of my calf it felt way better.

A. Split Jerk ­ 7 tough singles; rest 90sec
These felt great and I was feeling really good about the whole work out after being really stable here. I didn’t push it too hard because I didn’t really want to find out the hard way if my knee was ok or not. I got 1 at 225, 4 at 245 & 2 at 255. Video below:

10min EMOM
ODD ­ 5 UB Muscle-­ups
Even ­ 5 Deficit HSPU (6­-8″)
This EMOM was awesome. I was happy with the results on both. I thought the unbroken sets of 5 MUs went really well. Video below:

10min AMRAP
10 BB Shoulder Press @ 95#
10 CTB Pull­ups
10 Ring Dips
This was extremely hard. My triceps were completely blown out and I was just doing anything and everything I could to get solid reps of shoulder press and ring dips. I ended up getting 4 rounds plus 22 reps.

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