DWM Fri 5/15/15

DWM Fri 5/15/15

Fri 5/15/15:
Finally getting caught up again here, still trying to get back in the groove of doing this daily, I’ve been letting it slip. I got some good sleep on Wednesday night (7 hours) a nap on Thursday afternoon (1 hour) and another 7 hours on Friday night (7 hours). I’m looking forward to getting some extra sleep this weekend.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Fantastic morning session. I felt like I had a lot of energy, was able to push pretty hard on the rower and AD and never was worried about not going unbroken on the KB Swings or WBs.

12min Row @ EN1

6min AMRAP @ EN3
20cals Row
15 KB Swings @ 80#
4min Rest
12min AD @ EN1

6min AMRAP @ EN3
20cals AD
20 Wallball @ 20#
Rest 4min

12min Run @ EN1
I did really well here. I almost wish they were true AMRAPs, not governed by heart rate zones to see how hard I could push. I’m looking forward to that MU, WB, DU workout again after this. I did 2 rounds + 7 cals on AMRAP 1 & 2 rounds + 8 cals on AMRAP 2.
Heart Rate Photo
51515 HR
AMRAP 1 Video

AMRAP 2 Video

I 10
C 10
E 10
Another great session. Not much to say about it besides that.

A. Push Jerk x2 + Split Jerk 2 – 6 sets, build to tough complex; rest 90sec
These were good, I wish I had gone touch & go at the shoulder sooner, I think I could’ve worked up to a higher number, but that’s ok. I did 3 sets at 215 because I wasn’t really comfortable, but after I crushed 225 I realized that I was just spending too much time with the bar on my shoulders. Videos below.






B. Wtd. Vest Strict HSPU – 12 sets of 4 UB reps NOT for time (rest long enough that each set maintains speed)
No trouble here, they just added up over all the reps. Videos are below.
First 6 sets

Second 6 sets
Had trouble getting this video and the ones after it loaded to Youtube. I’ll try again, but I wanted to get the blog out, so I am posting it without them.
C1. Muscle-up – 6-8 UB reps; rest 60sec x4 sets
These were great at the beginning, I wish I could get 8 the whole time, but I think the C2Bs wore on me. I went 8, 8, 7, 5 here.
C2. CTB Pull-up – 15-20 UB reps; rest 3min x4 sets
These were great at the beginning, but they added up, the first round was 20, but the other 3 were very tough to get to 15 reps. Grip was a factor and back endurance was also a rough one. Youtube problems here.
D. Face Down Chinese Plank – 4 x ASMAP; rest 90sec
These were kind of crazy. I didn’t really know what to think of these, they were much harder than expected. I went36, 43, 42, & 47 seconds. Youtube problems here.