DWM Fri 5/29/15

Fri 5/29/15:
As discussed previously, I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night, probably got about 5 hours of sleep and didn’t get much breakfast because I woke up late. Not sure if that impacted the workout, but it couldn’t have helped.

I 9
C 10
E 10
I gave it my all, as discussed in email I was pretty frustrated to have not made any progress in terms of score, but there were some positives.

Open Workout 15.4 Repeat
*prep for this exactly as you would for an Open workout, film entire workout & get splits for each round
This workout started well, I felt really good for the first 2 rounds, but I felt like I had no gas in the tank on round 3 of wall balls. I went unbroken on all muscle-ups, which was better than during the open. I also did the double unders 50-30-20 on the first 2 rounds and my breathing was more steady than on the previous attempt. I think the key was that I went down to sets of 5 on the wall balls in round 3 because I was so drained, but I think if I do this again I need to force myself to get 10s because I think I would have rested about the same amount as when I got the 5s, but I would’ve finished that set much faster. Video is below.

Active Rest / Mobility – 30-40min as needed
I went for a jog with the dog and did some shoulder mobility because my left shoulder has been bugging me since I missed one of those 225 lb snatches over the back last week. It still needs some more work, but should recover just fine.

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