DWM Fri 6/12/15

DWM Fri 6/12/15

Fri 6/12/15:
Body was feeling pretty good in the morning. Got some good sleep on Wednesday night and also Thursday night.

AD – 5min building from EN1-EN3 effort
Rest 3min
AD – 3 x 5sec @ 100% effort; rest 75sec
This went pretty well, it was harder to get into the EN3 in 5 min than I expected, but I made it. The 5 second intervals got a little screwed up because this is where I broke the airdyne, so I had to hop off and swap out for a new one, but I did the 3 sprints and made it work. Heart Rate photo is below.
61215 Part 1HR
5min AD for max cals
*record avg HR, peak HR, total cals
This hurt, like I texted, but it was worse on my legs than my breathing or heart rate. I was actually surprised at how I could take long deep breaths and didn’t have end up with short fast breaths even at a very high heart rate. The totals were 60 cals, 165 average HR & 175 max HR. Heart Rate Photo & video below.
61215 Part 2HR

CS Rec / Plyo

CS – Activation
A. Power Clean & Jerk – 6 x 1.1; rest 20sec + 2min (build, mod-heavy)
These were harder than expected. My legs were kind of heavy from the morning, so I didn’t really have the pop that I would’ve liked. I never missed and I went 185-225-235-245-255-265. Videos below.






B. Front Squat – 3,3,3; rest 3min (build)
The first set here at 255 didn’t feel great, but 285 was really good so I decided to go for 315, which was a mistake, I missed the 3rd rep and in hindsight I should’ve just gone 305. Videos below.



C. GHD Sit-up – 4 x 15 for time; rest 90sec
No trouble here, they’re getting easier and I’m getting less sore after. I did all rounds in 26 seconds. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

CS – Rec