DWM Fri 6/26/15

DWM Fri 6/26/15

Fri 6/26/15:

AD – 5min @ EN1
AD – 3min @ EN2
AD – 1min @ EN3
AD – 30sec @ Threshold
Rest 1min
x3 Rounds
*compare scores to Jun-5
I washed the strap for my HR monitor and then I left it at home, so I didn’t have it for this session. I think that may have actually made this harder than with it because I did my best to keep identical RPMs for the different zones throughout and so even with the HR creep, I was pedaling the same speed. I found the most difficult was the 3min at EN2, probably because I didn’t have an exact HR and I didn’t want to be too low. I thought this went better than on Jun 5th though because I was above the read-out for the threshold work on each round, and if I remember correctly I was below that on my previous attempt.

A. Front Squat – 3,2,1; rest 3min (build to tough single)
These were great, I hit a 20 lb PR at 335 lbs and i think I had more in the tank. I went 295-315-335. Videos below



B. TTB – 50 reps for time
This went pretty good, i went for 1 big set and then just did what I had to do to finish from there. It’d be nice to get to the point where I can get 50 UB. The big set was 30 reps. Grip became a factor. Time was 2:01. Video below.

Mobility – 30min