DWM Fri 6/5/15

DWM Fri 6/5/15

Fri 6/5/15:
Felt good in the morning after the rest day on Thursday.

I 10
C 10
E 10
I was actually kind of surprised at my ability to stay focused and crush this AD session. It went really well.

AD – 5min @ EN1 (120-140)
AD – 3min @ EN2 (140-160)
AD – 1min @ EN3 (160-170)
AD – 30sec @ Threshold (170-180)
Rest 1min
x3 Rounds
No video here, I figured it’d be really boring to watch. There is a heart rate photo below. I was really happy with my ability to stay focused, keep my HR in the correct ranges, & the endurance of my legs over this 30 minutes even with the hard work. Like I said earlier, the threshold work was hard to get into 170+, but I was definitely going 100% effort for the 30 seconds.
6515 HR

I 10
C 10
E 10
Great session here too. Got to lift some heavy shit with my buddy Luke and all my movement felt great and legs felt good.

A. Power Clean – 3,2,1; rest 3min (build)
These went fantastic. I went 245-265-285 with no misses or trouble. Videos are below.



B. Front Squat – 3,3,3; rest 3min (build)
These were super good too, I started at 275-295-305. Could’ve probably made 315, but I didn’t want to miss so I played it safe. Videos below.



C. GHD Sit-up – 4 x 15 for time; rest 2min
Nothing to say here except I was able to go a little faster than last week on a few rounds. Times were 29-26-26-27. Videos below
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Crossoveor Symmetry A&R