DWM Fri 6/6/14

Fri 6/6/14:
Felt good in the morning minus my wrist. It’s been a major issue since I jammed it on one of those power cleans at 250 lbs during the 8 min AMRAP the other day. I’m going to keep working on my forearm and hopefully it’ll work itself out. The chiropractor has been working on it too and it has been moving, it just hasn’t gone all the way back into place so it’s still really sore with any pressure.

A. Deadlift – build to 1RM; rest as needed
These felt great until 455, which I couldn’t get off the ground. I tried it twice, but only loaded 1 video because they look the same. I’m having trouble keeping my back flat during these heavy DLs and I’m thinking that’s what is causing me not to make any improvement on my 1RM. I am almost always making improvements at lower weights for reps, but at the top end I tend to struggle. My back doesn’t hurt at all after these lifts, but it sure does look bad and that I could be putting myself in a bit of a dangerous position. What are you thoughts? Videos below:




B. Wtd Pull-up – build to 1RM; rest as needed
These went well and I was happy with my ability to move heavier weight than before. I had some trouble finishing the movement, I couldn’t quite get my chin over, but I decided to keep adding weight until I couldn’t pull at all to see where I really failed. Videos below:





C. Wtd Dip – build to 1RM; rest as needed
These were great. I took bigger jumps than I was expecting, but my triceps were feeling good. I went from 110 to 120 and failed, so I went back down to 115 and made it for a 15 lb PR. Videos below:





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