DWM Fri 7/18/14

DWM Fri 7/18/14

Fri 7/18/14:
Slept 7 good hours last night, nothing really to report. Feeling a little tired after the week, but not horrible. Kinda tight from Thursday, but I was fine during the work today. Took the rowers to the track to make this WOD a little more fun during the runs and loved it.

I 8
C 9
E 9

Track WOD

500m Row
400m Run
250m Row
200m Run
Rest 2min
x5 @ 85-90% effort
These went pretty well, the runs were definitely difficult when hopping off the rower, but I did well keeping a solid pace and letting my legs loosen up as the lap went along. No video from today because we were at the track, but the split times & round times are below.

Round 1 – 5:25
Round 2 – 13:01 (5:36)
Round 3 – 20:39 (5:38)
Round 4 – 28:11 (5:32)
Round 5 – 35:41 (5:30)