DWM Fri 7/31/15

DWM Fri 7/31/15

Fri 7/31/15:

Row – 3min @ 65%
Row – 2min @ 75%
Row – 1min @ 85%
Row – 30sec @ 95%
Rest – 60sec
Rest 5min
Row – 1k @ 1:54 pace
Rest 30sec
Rest 2min
x2 (6k total rowing)
CS Rec / Plyo

This whole session went really well. I never missed a beat and rowed exactly a 1:54 on all rounds of the 1k. Heart Rate photos below.

Warm Up HR photo
73115 HR - Part 1

1k HR Photo
73115 HR - Part 2

A. Deadlift – build to 1RM; rest as needed
Like we talked about I didn’t feel bad in the afternoon, I just didn’t feel super strong. I wasn’t really worried about it, I thought everything would just still work fine, but when I got up close to 400 lbs I knew there was no way I was going to do anything significant this day. I warmed up with a handful of lifts at lower weights and then I went for 385 (made it, but slow)-405 (made this BARELY)-425 (did my best, but just didn’t have anything in the legs). Set up and pull positioning felt the best they ever have at this weight, I just didn’t have the strength. Videos below.



B. Wtd. Vest Legless Rope Climb – 4 x 1.1; Rest 20 sec+Rest 2-3 Min
These went much better than the week before with a lot more reps. I was able to complete them with the weighted vest without killing myself, but they were very difficult. I don’t love climbing the rope, but I know it’s a necessity. I’m excited to make significant progress here. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

C. GHD Sit-up – 7 reps every 30sec for 7 sets
No trouble, just got them done.
D. Supine Table Hold – 5 x 30sec; rest 30sec
No trouble here either, just completed this pretty easily. Video below.

Mobility – 30min