DWM Fri 7/3/15

Fri 7/3/15:
Well rested before this day, felt good and ready.

Row – 3min @ 65%
Row – 2min @ 75%
Row – 1min @ 85%
No real trouble here, just plugged along, I was rowing about a 1:45 for the 85%. HR photo below for this.
7315 HR-1
Row – 30sec @ 95%
Rest – 60sec
Same thing here, I felt really good and was getting my form down pretty well. I’ve been working on not getting too deep in the catch and just trying to get vertical shins and turn over more strokes at a consistent pace. I was easily making the 30 seconds at sub-1:30 pace. I think with the higher stroke rate I might be able to PR my 500m row. HR photo below.
7315 HR-2
Rest 5min
Row – 2k for time (shoot for even pacing across don’t “”fly & die””)
Just like we texted, I did exactly what you told me not to do here. I didn’t exactly die, but I definitely moved much slower on 500s 2, 3 & 4. HR photo and monitor read-outs below.
7315 HR-3
7315 2k Monitor-1
7315 2k Monitor-2
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