DWM Fri 8/1/14

DWM Fri 8/1/14

Fri 8/1/14:
Slept 7 hours last night and got a 1 hour nap during the day. Shoulders were definitely smoked after all the snatches & HSPUs the day before, I’m glad I didn’t need them for the run/row.

I 8
C 8
E 9

This was a pretty good session and I got some solid breathing in. We went to the track again, so it was definitely fun to get out and get some sun while getting our fitness on.

Row 250m @ hard aerobic effort
Run 200m @ hard aerobic effort
Rest 5min
*sub 10min for one round (one round =5x 250/200) is target
Not a whole lot to report here. I never really struggled, but was breathing hard the whole way. No video, but the split times are below.

Round 1 – 9:14
Round 2 – 9:21
Round 3 – 9:18